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Liaoning novcar carbon materials co., LTD is a company dedicated to the development of advanced carbon materials production and innovative private enterprises Focusing on the mesophase pitch based carbon fiber research and development have 10 years of history



Technical service

We value market demand and maintain close contact with the upstream and downstream industry chain, actively paying attention to the high-tech development of the carbon fiber and its composite materials industry. We actively cooperate with other research institutions and enterprises, and we have advanced research system and technical staff training system of our own. At present, we have advanced and professional R&D test systems including mesophase pitch synthesis, melt spinning, heat treatment of precursor, carbon microspheres, PDCPD, carbon fiber sizing agent and carbon fiber composite materials, etc. Through these R&D systems, we continue researching in-depth on pitch-based carbon fiber to continuous promote and perfect the product performance. At the same time, employees are encouraged to continue learning at work. We regularly organize academic and technical discussions.
Our analytical testing platform is comprehensive.
About pre-sales service
Routine testing of outgoing products includes carbon fiber appearance, mechanical properties, thermal conductivity (for thermal conductivity products), density, sizing agent content, etc. In addition, other performance parameter tests can be added based on the requirements of customers. The products are packed according to standard.
About application guidance
We have experienced pitch-based carbon fiber and its composites R&D team and performance test team. To give full play to the excellent performance of pitch-based carbon fiber, we will maintain good communication and cooperation with customers to provide professional performance analysis and application guidance. Through the feedback of application information from customers, we work with our customers to explore optimized technology and improve product quality.