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Liaoning novcar carbon materials co., LTD is a company dedicated to the development of advanced carbon materials production and innovative private enterprises Focusing on the mesophase pitch based carbon fiber research and development have 10 years of history



Novcarbparticipates SAMPE China 2019 Conference &Exhibition

Novcarbparticipates SAMPE China 2019 Conference &Exhibition
On May 6-8, 2019, 14th SAMPE China Conference &Exhibition was held in China International Exhibition Center (Jing'anzhuangPavilion, Beijing). Novcarbparticipated in the exhibition.


 Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering, SAMPE was founded in 1944,headquartered in Covina, California. It is an international professional society that started with the development of aerospace composite materials and focusing on advanced composite materials.The purpose of theexhibition is to create a international communication platform to promote the R&D of cutting-edge manufacturing and high-tech materials. This year's annual conference, under the guidance of the theme "advanced composite materials, leading the innovative development of green industries", arranged a series of exciting industry exchange activities.
Carbon fiber is an indispensable new strategic material for the national economy and national defense construction because of excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.
Mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber is a special product in the carbon fiber family. MPCF has super-high modulus, excellent thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, extremely low thermal expansion coefficient, making it widely used in aerospace, chip and IT device thermal dissipation, electromagnetic shielding, industrial robots,pressure vessel, automobiles, industrial rollers, building reinforcement, etc.Mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber is the jewel in the crown of the carbon fiber industry. Its strategic significance is important and the technology is difficult. Only Japan and the United States have mastered the technology.
Over the years, Novcarb has insisted on the research of MPCF technology and overcomes one difficulty after another. We have developed a full process technology for mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber production including heavy aromatics separation, mesophase pitch synthesis, melt spinning, heat treatment of precursor, and design related equipment independently. In December 2018, Novcarb’smesophase pitch-based carbon fiber production line pilot run, and it will be officially put into production in July 2019.
At this exhibition, Novcarb exhibited Mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber products, which attracted wide attention at home and abroad. From aerospace to industrial robots, thermal management of IT devices, and electromagnetic shielding, MPCF is in urgent need in related applications. Many companies look forward to cooperating with Novcarb on the development and application of MPCF composite materials.

Novcarb's implementation of the mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber project has always been concerned and supported by the China Chemical Fibers Association. During the exhibition, the leaders of the China Chemical Fibers Association visited Novcarb’s showroom to inquire about the progress of MPCF, and expected that Novcarb will soon start the production of mesophase pitch based carbon fiber.
At this exhibition, Novcarb also showed another new product poly-dicyclopentadiene (PDCPD) engineering plastics, a polymer with a certain degree of cross-linking formed by the catalytic polymerization of dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) by organometallic.
PDCPD has high modulus, high impact resistance and high creep resistance at the same time. Compared with other engineering plastics, PDCPD shows excellent comprehensive machine performance and has a wide range of applications including: automotive lightweight materials, sports facilities and equipment, environmentally friendly containers and pipes, etc. PDCPD is in the ascendant in China.
Novcarb expresses heartfelt thanks for the cares and guides from many leaders and experts, for the concerns of related companies! Novcarb will live up to expectations and return the care and support of all circles with high-performance mesophase pitch-based carbon fibers! We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the organizers, SAMPE China, for the convenience and support!