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Liaoning novcarb carbon materials co., LTD is a company dedicated to the development of advanced carbon materials production and innovative private enterprises Focusing on the mesophase pitch based carbon fiber research and development have 10 years of history

Company profile

Liaoning Novcarb Carbon Materials Co., Ltd was founded in 2015 and is located in Fushun City Liaoning Province of P.R. China. Novcarb company is committed to research, development and production work of advanced carbon materials, including mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber and its composites. Conducted by Novcarb, R&D work of mesophase pitch and its carbon fiber, which uses heavy aromatics as raw material, starting from scratch in 2008. Now Novcarb has developed the key technology to make mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber, (including raw material refining, mesophase pitch preparation, melt spinning, precursor heat treatment, etc.) after long-term research and development, and has completed independent intellectual property rights. At present, the company has completed the construction of a high-modulus (high thermal conductivity) mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber (graphite fiber) production, verification line with the production capacity of 20 t, and on this basis, a kiloton mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber production line will be constructed in the future.

Products include super-high modulus, high modulus, standard modulus, general modulus, high thermal conductivity, medium thermal conductivity, and general thermal conductivity. The products can be used in aerospace, automotive lightweight, robotic arm, wind turbine blades, rail transit, industrial manufacturing, civil sports, and other fields.